Local Asset Backed Vehicles – A success story or unproven concept?


With a growing interest in, and indeed a need for, effective partnership working between the public and private sectors, the RICS and Local Partnerships sponsored a research review of Local Asset Backed Vehicles (LABV). While such vehicles have existed for over a decade, there is a surprising absence of objective commentary on their achievements, the challenges to their creation and operation, and their potential future shape and direction in the context of the financial and economic environment.

The paper aims to present some facts and figures coupled with the views of entrants in the market at present or those watching actively from the side lines. If it also stimulates more active debate among interested parties and helps to generate a new wave of partnership models, it will have achieved on its aim.

The approach taken by the research team was to review publicly available documentation and enter into discussion with a number of public and private sector participants to existing LABVs, and those considering the creation of LABVs. The views of several advisors in the market were also captured.


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