Few can afford the luxury of a full establishment if in-house professionals providing property, FM and capital project support. There is a balance to be struck between outsourcing what is best delivered by the private sector (bearing in mind risk transfer, specialist skills required, cost of provision etc.) and those services best delivered by an internal resource. That balance will also change over time.

Models can also be found in the public sector whereby one party provides services on behalf of others – who may not even by geographic neighbours.

realestateworks can provide:

  • Critical reviews of existing arrangements
  • Tools and techniques to systematically evaluate your asset management capability and capacity
  • Identification and appraisal of options
  • Support with the procurement of internal resources and / or external service providers
  • Tips on the effective management of contractors and other suppliers
  • A programme of audit and monitoring of suppliers.

Belfast City Council, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Northern Ireland Courts Service.

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