Bid Writing

Bid Writing

Bids have been prepared, and won, for national government contracts and discreet ‘local’ commissions. In addition, successful applications have been submitted for government grants and other funding.

realestateworks can provide:

  • Bid support
  • Peer reviews of bids
  • Training to internal bid writing teams
  • Applications for government funding

CBRE, Montagu Evans, Shropshire Council, South Staffordshire Council, BNP Paribas Real Estate, Gerald Eve.


“In the world of bid writing, Brian is one-of-a-kind. Not only has he led teams providing advice ‘at the coalface’ on large-scale and complex contracts, he is also able to draw on this experience and see bids exactly as they should be seen – from the client’s perspective.

These skills have been brought together to support Montagu Evans with several successful bids for strategic central government contracts – such as GPA, Crown Commercial Services and Ministry of Defence. He is a great team player, highly responsive and constructive in his feedback. Unfortunately, his PowerPoint diagrams are fairly rubbish, but you can’t have everything can you?”

Graham Copeland
Head of Central Government, Montagu Evans
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