Some parts of the property market are more immune than others to technological advances. Property management, valuation and agency services to name but a few are going to meet revolutionaries – you can treat it is a threat to be fought off as you stand by your traditional way of doing things, or embrace change because it is here to stay.

realestateworks is working with two such revolutionaries who have identified how AI can be used to provide new insights into the use of space and review, summarise and interpret legal, contractual and other documentation.


BeringarBeringar is a start-up company that has won several awards for innovation and has now found some ‘big name’ adopters for its smart sensors across the public and private sectors.

The sensors, fixed to the ceiling, gather data on occupancy levels but also air quality, light and sounds levels – and all of these variables have been found to impact on the performance and productivity of occupiers. When connected to the BMS, the sensors can be used to optimise the working environment depending on its use throughout the day.

“Having known Brian for over 20 years, it seemed natural to seek his help with Beringar to sharpen our customer focus and further develop our solutions to meet the real challenges that real estate owners and occupiers face. A consummate professional with a principled approach to client solutions, Brian brings knowledge, experience and practicality that ensures positive change happens and the promised benefits are received. My recommendation – work with Brian.”

Mark Sorsa-Leslie
co-founder, Beringar

Uhura Solutions

Uhura SolutionsOriginally designed for the finance industry to automate the lengthy process of manually reviewing loan applications, the designers have now entered the real estate market.

The truly unique AI tool uses vision processing to read documents and natural language processing to understand the meaning of the documents such as leases, construction contracts, and title deeds. It allows advisors to focus their (expensive) time on adding value rather than ploughing through what are no doubt very exciting but at the same time rather lengthy legal documents. We know the dangers of a misplaced comma in a lease!

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